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8oz Bright BLUE Blacklight Reactive Invisible Ink (NOT TATTOO INK)
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8oz Bright BLUE Blacklight Reactive Invisible Ink (NOT TATTOO INK)

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This is that hard to find UV Blacklight Reactive Invisible Ink for hand stamps, box marking, wall decorations, and other unique security applications. Will not wash off easy like other brands, but can be removed with effort. Glows bright BLUE under blacklight. Alcohol based for quick drying. 8oz bottle of all purpose blue invisible blacklight reactive ink This is NOT printer or tattoo ink!


Invisible in regular light; Lights up brightly under UV blacklight

Great for admissions control and security

Non toxic- safe for skin

Alcohol based

Not for use in printers or tatooing!

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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 2 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

4Potent ink!Oct 30, 2012
By T. C. Siapno
I bought the 2oz version of this, was pleased with the results!

Very thin ink (rubbing alcohol consistency) - not great for calligraphy or painting on printer paper since it bleeds, but will be awesome as stamp ink or maybe thickened with gum arabic.

Visible (when a blacklight's on) even in the sun. Obviously it's much more visible when there's less light out - but this stuff glows pretty strongly.

99% invisible on paper; in bright light you'll be able to tell something's there if you know where to look, but it's very difficult to read or detect unless you saturate the paper.

Entirely invisible on skin. Didn't realize I had so much on my hands until I turned on the blacklight. The painted letters on my hand were readable after a day of normal soap-and-water handwashing, and detectable after four days.

Not washer-safe, two good washes and the ink's basically gone. Won't stick well to some smooth plastics (and will dry white on black plastic). Doesn't mix well with other inks (too little and it doesn't glow, too much and it waters down the other ink). You'd do better to let another ink dry, then paint over it with this stuff unless you want diluted ink.

Very happy with this stuff; not a perfect ink but a damn good one!

1Useless!Aug 10, 2014
It is not activated by blacklight.
customer service is awful !

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